New roads

I decided to start this blog to record my efforts to live a greener life. For me, currently, this includes an effort to greatly reduce my use of plastic and overall waste. I don’t know what the picture of my end goal might look like quite yet. I’m going to plan on enjoying the journey. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can about reducing my use of plastic and trying to have some fun adventures along the way if possible.

I was inspired to pursue this new way of life by a few different things. My dad passed away from cancer in July of 2014 so I think that has led to a greater concern for my health. All the men of that line have died of cancer, my grandfather, grandfather’s brother, my uncle and then my father. Has me a bit alarmed for myself I must say!

I came across Lauren Singer’s blog Trash is for Tossers and found her way of life pretty inspiring. Her blog led me to Beth Terry’s blog My Plastic Free Life that is filled with a ton of information! Think I’m barely halfway through her blog.

I work at a thrift store. I spend most of my time at the store’s distribution center sorting the “good” items from the junk. Junk being things no one is likely to buy or are damaged in some way. Those things get recycled by the store’s recycling portion of the company. Any clothing items, books, and electronics that aren’t salable are baled and recycled. Sadly working here didn’t lead me to an interest in reducing waste. But I will say that seeing the astounding amount of junk we purchase has made me want to throw away everything I own many a time. I’ll post some pictures here soon about the workings of the store that might be interesting.

My first step has been getting rid of the water bottles. I bought a Brita and a Klean Kanteen as Christmas presents for myself heheh. I’m estimating that I’ll save about 1,460 bottles a year. I drink a TON of water. I’ve given up the plastic bags. I have acquired a few since this began though. I need to get a compact tote to fit into my purse for those times when I’m not in my car where most of my reusable bags reside. I admit I feel quite a bit overwhelmed by the amount that needs to be changed and given up, but I know this is going to be something that goes in steps.

Ok I’m off for now to tinker with this blog and all of it’s bells and whistles. Hoping to get it nice and pretty soon.


2 responses to “New roads

  1. She's Going Green

    Hey there! Nice to meet a fellow relative newbie to this lifestyle 🙂 hopefully we can exchange ideas (and failures! lol) and learn together!


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