I haven’t been doing so well on reducing the plastic this last week. Yesterday it was Chinese food in Styrofoam, I did manage to refuse all the soy  sauce packets, fork, and napkin.  The cashier lady did sneak a fortune cookie past me though.  Today it was makeup products. My foundation had run dry, and my eyeliner. And I bought the remaining two Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Dr.Pepper chapstick the store had left in stock (they’re discontinued). No bag though, yay! My boyfriend left some plastic wrapped snacks here that I ended up eating, even though I didn’t buy them I feel responsible for them as I snarfed them down.

Does anyone know of any affordable environmentally friendly makeup options? The foundation would have to be under $15. I have rosacea and am older so I don’t feel it’s something I want to do without. I’ve heard of letting a candle burn under a spoon, scraping that off and mixing with a little coconut oil for eyeliner, so I’ll begin experimenting with that. I’ve been experimenting with the homemade deodorant again. I was just using coconut oil with a bit of baking soda dashed over it, but developed irritation. I found some neem powder that I’m going to mix into my next experiment with making deodorant. It is green powder so I’m a bit concerned haha.

Onto my achievement now! After shopping around and reading reviews I decided on this bamboo toothbrush.


So far so good, works great! I really hope that plastic-free items become more affordable in the future. I think it would be a large challenge to convince the average plastic consuming consumer to pay $10 for 2 toothbrushes when you can get a 6 pack of plastic Colgate toothbrushes for $6.  If anyone has any budget friendly alternatives for plastic-free commonly used items, please post!


4 responses to “Challenging

  1. You are doing great! It is so hard to go plastic-free in our society, so I figure every little bit helps. I can’t think of a single affordable makeup line that is environmentally friendly. The girl who writes the Trash is for Tossers blog recommends RMS Beauty, but everything is $36 per item, even the eyeshadow! If you find anything, let me know.


  2. Thank you for the encouragement 😀 I can be impatient and overeager at times and wish I could tackle it all, but I know that’s not reasonable and to do the best I can.
    Hey it looks like there’s a reasonably priced line from a seller on etsy
    I want the mascara!
    Here’s another seller but I can’t tell whether the containers are plastic or not. There’s a few tins of lipbalm and cake mascara though. I’m going to keep looking!


  3. Hey, the one I was considering is RMS, they also package in glass containers. Not sure the price though. Also, I love your honesty. It’s really a hard thing to do what we’re doing.

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