The supplies are in

I ordered some things awhile ago to get this plastic-less party on the road.  I decided to get some reusable produce bags to use for the bulk bins as bringing in outside containers isn’t allowed, I’ve just been flying under the radar. I worry that having so many jars will call that much more attention to me, so I’m going to be using these. They did come in plastic sleeves though. But it’s using plastic to cut plastic.  I also got my new safety razor. Pretty good I must say. I was worried while shaving my legs but no, it actually works great.

I’ve been using my deodorant concoction of coconut oil, neem powder, and baking soda and it’s going well.  It’s still strange feeling moisture under my arms though.

This is month two of dealing with the menstrual cup and yeah wow I kinda wish I could light it on fire and perform a jubilant dance in honor of its passing. I’ll keep at it though as there isn’t a suitable alternative really.

Unfortunately I had to order jeans online. I have one pair of jeans and I have a hole on the inner thigh, I have fat thighs ok! I tried patching it and it wouldn’t stay. I didn’t find anything at our thrift store, so caved and ordered them. The first pair has already arrived and was wrapped in a plastic bag and in another bag arrrghhh. At least I keep most of my jeans until they die so I’m trying not to feel to guilty about the purchase.


2 responses to “The supplies are in

  1. I’m surprised your thrift store didn’t have good jeans. I can usually find nearly new jeans that have been hemmed for short people, like me. I bet if you go there on a regular basis, you can find something good. Buy up a few pairs for the when your new ones wear out! Also, what are you going to do with your old, torn-up jeans? There are lots of craft projects out there for making things with old jeans. I’d love to see what you come up with.

    I, too, have switched to a natural coconut oil deodorant. I love it! Yes, I feel a little weird having moisture, but I can tell that my lymph nodes are no longer swollen. Conventional antiperspirant is bad stuff!

    Keep up the good work!

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  2. I’m a size 12 in jeans and always have trouble finding decent ones to fit me arrggh. That size doesn’t even come into our store a lot, or if they do they’re outdated. I even had the girls who do the sorting keeping an eye out for me. I found one pair but they cut me in half when I bend over, and I’m constantly bending at work. I wish the hole wasn’t so high as they could become shorts. Something about crafting makes me angry sometimes haha so I’ll probably turn them in at the recycling portion of the store. I’ll be adding pictures of that process soon as you might find it pretty interesting.


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