I miss shopping

Sure I’ve had some online shopping moments but those were purchases that I considered necessities.  Like my new reusable produce bags and such. I also bought a new pair of jeans.  I figured those a necessary purchase as the one pair that I own had holes in the upper thighs (I bring new meaning to the saying Thunder Thighs lol). I tried to patch them but even my patches fled from my thighs and started curling off. After my new jeans purchase I ended up sewing the patches in place but I’m glad to have two pairs now.  When I went and bought the deodorant from Lush I walked through the mall and ohhh my what a place!  Filled with tons of brand new sparkly stuff that mostly no one really needs. But so sparkly, so new! Argghhh I miss it. And the days of wandering into a Target and randomly buying things. I was never a huge shopper but I did my fair share of buying things I really didn’t need. I had an addiction to lotions, and face creams mostly. Those days are gone for sure. I did do some thrift shopping today though. Bought a gorgeous hippy-ish skirt that I really need to lose 5 lbs to truly wear shame free, a cute button up blouse, and a casual knit work shirt. Wait, I did buy two vials of scented oils from the Renaissance Faire I went to over the weekend. I also came home with a bottle that my sarsaparilla came in. Even though I didn’t buy the root beer I still came home with it so I guess I should claim it. Oh yeah, then there’s the two used books I bought on jarring as I plan on learning as soon as we get some spring crops at the Farmers Market.  Hmmmmmmm something sounds funny. Sounds like I’ve actually done quite a bit of shopping actually.  But because my shopping is of this variety:


But not of this type


I’m somehow left feeling unfulfilled. I find myself a bit alarmed by my thoughts of feeling like I need to buy goods that are fancied up in a certain way to feel a sense of satisfaction. I didn’t think I was one fall into the endless consumer quest of new shiny things. Wrong!


2 responses to “I miss shopping

  1. You are doing so well, don’t stop now! It is hard to change a lifetime of habits. Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint! I highly recommend the book ‘the life – changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. Once you start purging your home and life of unnecessary stuff, you won’t want to bring that shiny stuff in anymore. Well, only if it brings you true joy! Check it out.

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  2. I’ll look the book up on Amazon!
    I just found it funny that even though I actually had shopped, but just not in the way I’ve been conditioned to, I felt unfulfilled. Silliness.


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