Less waste hair

Ignore cat sniffing my shoes

Ignore cat sniffing my shoes

This post is partly to commemorate my soon to be cut long hair, and also to show that having healthy hair doesn’t have to mean a large box of hair products. I lived with two female roommates a long time ago and we had a small coffin like shower. The floor of which was almost half filled with shampoos and conditioners. We had male friends marvel at the amount of our products, and lack of standing room. Our bathroom was small so we kept the rest of our hair products in our bedrooms, and that took up a whole other chunk of space.

I’ve always been a bit of a hippie regarding my hair and hairstyles. I’m lazy and hate hairstyles that consist of blow drying, straightening, or curling my hair. That includes the endless sticky hair products that go along with those methods. This hatred could have something to do with my mother’s obsession with doing my hair every morning before school. My hair was curled and hair sprayed to the hilt, I often remember choking in the haze of hairspray and heat. She even curled my hair with an undiagnosed collapsed lung one time. My mother points out that I’m lucky to have had a mother who cared about my hair and I’ll go ahead and agree with her. Although I will maintain that she was still a bit too fanatical.

I’ve been bouncing between using shampoo bars and commercial shampoos for many years now. I also have about 5 or 6 applications of henna on my hair. After my dad died of cancer in July of last year, piles of my hair fell out like dried pine needles. I decided to switch back to shampoo bars as I could at least pronounce what was in those, and I needed my hair to quit shedding! Due to my bad experiences with hair products like hairspray and such I’ve had no trouble giving my one bottle of hairspray up. I have been somewhat into shampoos and conditioners most of my life. I still have a bunch in my shower that I haven’t quite figured out what to do with yet. I’ve been re-purposing some of the shampoo into hand soap haha. Have no clue about what to do with the conditioner yet.

My new less waste and natural hair regimen consists of: Shampoo bars, apple cider vinegar, and coconut or jojoba oil for frizz. I’ve been too worried about the dryness I’ve heard about to try baking soda alone for shampoo. I’ve used it to clarify my hair on an occasion but that’s it.

I get my shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley Soap. They come plastic free and in little paper bags. My favorite is the nettle, and herb garden. I only lather my roots up once and give my ends a swipe or two while soaping up with the bars. I get too much buildup with soaping the ends so I just let the lather clean the ends most times. I use about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted with water in an old 32oz yogurt container. Pour over hair, and gently separate hair while doing this to get to hair underneath. I let mine sit on my hair for a few minutes, then rinse well. I sometimes use a bit of oil to cut down any frizzies. Be very cautious when using oils as you could end up having to wash your hair again if you go heavy. I put a tiny amount on my palm and rub together and get in between your fingers. Then run your fingers and palm very lightly through the ends of your hair. As the oil gets absorbed you can head up to your roots if you need to smooth those.

So that’s about it. No more endless bottles of shampoo and 100 different conditioners. I’m going to try making my own vinegar soon, so that should eliminate a bottle from the apple cider vinegar. It will be weird to see my shower so bare!

Please share any of your natural hair care recipes or tips with me. I’m also in the market for a good natural brush soon so I need advice on those as well.


9 responses to “Less waste hair

  1. I’m on the same page as you regarding simplifying my hair care. I generally wash and condition the same way. I LOVE the vinegar rinse as a conditioner. My hair is a bit longer than yours, but I’m getting it cut and layered today to make it a tad more manageable.

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  2. I’m sorry about your dad. I have been doing the baking soda/vinegar rinse for at least a couple of years and people have told me I will ruin my hair but it seems okay. I have tried shampoo bars but haven’t found one I like. I have also read about using rye flour instead of baking soda and making a paste but I keep forgetting to put some rye flour in my bathroom. I will have to give it a try too.

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    • Thanks for the condolences 🙂
      Some people say if you have hard water that shampoo bars can make your hair pretty icky. My hair freaked at first, got a little waxy then it went away.
      Is the rye flour rough? I hear flour and always imagine impenetrable sticky though obviously it washes away haha. Hmmm maybe it being sticky sticks to any oils and dirt? Let me know if you try it!


      • My older daughter likes a shampoo bar from Lush but the one I tried from elsewhere left my hair looking like a dull, matted mess, so I think the problem was the bar. Anyway, it turned me off of bar shampoo. I used it while I was experimenting with deodorant alternatives (before I started to make it) and I was a complete mess. Rye flour is about as course as whole wheat. I will try to remember to give it a go and will let you know 🙂

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  3. I’ve tried baking soda and vinegar rinse and it helped getting out of the cycle of washing daily. But on the long run, I didn’t like it. Now I’m using a shampoo bar and only have to wash like every other week or so. That’s so cool, not to have to wash every day. My hair just stays as is, no oil production. And it looks very healthy.
    Also just tried rye and have not much to say about it yet. Only that an extremely good rinse is necessary, otherwise tiny grains are in your hair.

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  4. I was so excited to hear that you buy from Chagrin Valley as well–and I just began the herb garden sampler! It’s definitely a transition from commercial shampoos and conditioner. I cut my hair short in preparation. One thing I love is how convenient it is–I don’t even need to use bottled conditioner anymore and can comb out my hair now in 20 seconds flat. Also the apple vinegar rinse feels soooo luxurious. I get a bit frustrated when I see build up. Also when I’m forced to use ‘regular’ shampoos and conditioner, my hair gets so fluffy again until I return home and use my shampoo bar. I tell myself my hair just needs more time to adjust to the new ingredients. I’m determined to make it work!

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    • Yes I love Chagrin shampoo bars! Some other ladies have had good experiences with JR Liggets shampoo bars, but I haven’t tried them.
      I had to try a lot of the different bars from Chagrin until I found the ones my hair “likes”. Which is the herb garden, and the nettle. I still get the waxies every now and then. It gets pretty bad if I use the bar on the length of my hair, so I only rub the bar on the roots and let the foam suds up my ends. You can break up the waxies with a diluted baking soda rinse. Sometimes I’ll use commercial shampoo too if it’s really bad. My hair gets greasy so quick from commercial shampoo!

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