Discouraging discouragement

It has been a bad month for meeting my less waste goals. I have been a combination of busy and under the weather. This has resulted in not getting to the farmer’s market or the grocery store. And the lack of groceries has led to a lot of take out and eating out. Grabbing food on the go is almost always a trashy affair. My boyfriend grabbed a lot of it so trying to personally avoid some of the trash was unavoidable. While my boyfriend is supportive and even has been converted to skipping straws and most plastic bags, he is not open to trying to get food placed in my own container hehee. My biggest failure was quite a few trips to a Chinese food place I love. This happens mostly when I’m pmsing, it’s my Achilles heel of created waste so far in this journey. They use Styrofoam containers for their takeout entrees. They skip the Styrofoam for any shrimp or wontons and put them in a paper bag instead and I’m super grateful for that. The owner also has a large bag of bulk fortune cookies that I can actually enjoy, instead of those individually wrapped cookies. I also ordered a pizza. First time I’ve ordered one since my journey began, and I forgot about that little plastic thing in the middle. (I look at that thing every time and think, wow this would’ve made a great table for my Barbie’s hahah). I inspected it and discovered it actually has a recycle code on it. So be aware of that if you accidentally get one or forget to ask that it not be used for your order.


I did succeed in proving to myself that if you try hard enough you can find a way to create less plastic waste from junk food. I was pleased that my local quickie convenience store carries loose donuts. I had to find a way to avoid the dumb plastic bags they provide to put them in though. It was easy enough to ask the cashier if they had any paper bags and they produced the little ones they use for alcoholic beverages. Avoiding the plastic sheets you’re supposed to use to grab your donut was as easy as grabbing a napkin over by the hot dogs. So I have now successfully shown you that if there’s a will to eat crappy and still avoid plastic, it can be done. You will still have to log time at the gym, sorry.  


Yet again this series of failures reaffirmed that one of the largest waste creators is still surrounding the packaging of food. It can be tempting to fall into a mindset of feeling like, why bother, there’s still plastic and trash everywhere. However if all of us made small changes I still believe those would add up to something beneficial. Plus if more people protested the use of certain packaging and stopped purchasing those products companies would be given incentive to reach towards change. There just has to be enough of us. I also think that going forward in spite of whatever failures you feel you’ve made is crucial. 


Well instead of finishing this with a listing of all my failures thus far this month I’m going to close out with a list of my less waste achievements.


1.) Avoided at least 5 of those dumb plastic sleeves they put over sandwiches to go. I haven’t had a problem with a business refusing to do this yet.

2.) Didn’t accumulate any plastic cutlery.

3. ) Didn’t get any single use bags.

4.) 0 straws

5.) 0 disposable cups or plastic bottles

6.) 0 on the go junk food wrappers


I have more victories regarding waste in other areas but those are the ones related to this period of failures. Well I’m off to the grocery store, so all this waste can end!




2 responses to “Discouraging discouragement

  1. You got this! There is art/process/growth in failure…onward! 🙂


  2. Hi Kimberly, can’t find you on facebook anymore. Did you delete your account? Hope you’re doing well!


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