About me

Hello there! Glad to see you’ve popped by. I’m ZanyGreen, I live in the Central Valley of California.  I’m surrounded by a good amount of farm land on the outskirts of my city. Which is fantastic as I have a wonderful amount of farmer’s market’s to choose from! I’m also blessed by being surrounded by the Sierra’s. Yosemite is only an hour and 45 minute trip one way. And the ride is so gorgeous you don’t care about the car time for at least half the trip. I love nature! I feel most grounded and happy when I’m around nature, be it a park or the mountains.

On a few of my trips up to the mountains I’d find discarded water bottles and other little bits of trash.  I’d pack them up to take home to the recycle bin. But then I started thinking about all the other things I threw away. I did pay attention to my recycle codes and put my containers in the recycle bin, but I had an inkling that might not be the end of it. And then what about all the other things I used that have no way to be recycled? Would I just throw them up in the mountains, could I even imagine doing that? In reality it would be headed for a landfill not a mountain in Yosemite, but shouldn’t I at least care a bit more? Try to cut down on my trash? That was the beginning.  I ran into some blogs I found extremely helpful, interesting and inspiring. I started reading more and more, and getting more convicted that I had to make a lifestyle change.  So I started in December, water bottles were the first to go. Then plastic bags, after that many other things.

I don’t think I’ll ever be truly plastic free, or zero waste, I think I’m more comfortable with being less plastic, less waste. Maybe I’m just commitment shy or something heeheh.

Hey, you should join me on this kooky quest! Just think of all the benefits, you get to be thought of as eccentric, someone told me I was a good person for rejecting a plastic lid (I could very well be a plastic free murderer), so there you go you’ll be a nice person, you’ll cook more and can wow all of your friends with your mad awesome cooking skills, you’ll spend less time sick, you’ll spend less time shopping (goodbye black Friday! ), and you’ll help our lovely earth, it’s critters and us not to get sick from increasing pollution.  Win win situation!

I can be contacted at zanygreenquest [at] gmail (dot) com


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  1. Hello There, I’d like to invite you to Zero Waste Bloggers Network on facebook. If you’re interested send me an email to inge@picturingtheamericas.com

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