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I don’t love my menstrual cup

I feel like a betrayer of all womanhood.  A letdown to women everywhere who are trying to free themselves from the tyranny of the man’s tampons and pads.

I have a Lunette cup size 2. The website instructed me to get this size even if I hadn’t had children since I’m over 30 and apparently everything goes slack or something the day after the big 3-0? I was considering a Diva Cup and I’m so glad I didn’t get that one as it seems to be the longest one out there. I’ve discovered rather belatedly that I have a low cervix, so the Diva would’ve been a killer.

I’m on round three of using this…thing. And I’m reaaalllly not fond of it. I’ve been assured over and over that I would grow to love the cup. I’ve even read through a ton of Amazon reviews trying to get a good range of opinions.  I’ve read articles where women sound like they might possibly have pictures of their cup adoringly placed next to their bedsides. So I wonder, why don’t I feel the love?

I’m not a squeamish person.  Investigating my body doesn’t make me uncomfortable. I’m not scared I’ll lose anything up there.  Nothing like that is going on. I’ve tried a couple of different folds. All of them kind of make me feel a little ummmmm…. abused down there, even with using lubrication.  Some folds don’t work with the lube as the cup just pops out of the fold from being too slippy. Taking the thing out is even more painful. Omg. Though I found some excellent tips on insertion and removal here . I’m 90% sure that I have the cup in a correct position. And to give myself and the cup credit I’ve only had it leak once from incorrectly placing it. I think I didn’t make sure it had opened all the way. Sometimes it won’t unfold without much maneuvering.  Some women say they can’t feel the cup. I can. Some say the cup is cleaner to deal with. Well not for me. Despite my efforts to shear off long swaths of toilet paper to lay aside before removal the whole thing gets messy. I’m so jealous of the women who are like oh if you’re in a public bathroom just empty it, pat it dry and reinsert. Uhh I’d have to carry lube in my purse, and not to mention I would have to get in a squatting position that would likely alarm fellow bathroom goers.

But, the good news is, that I can wear it for 12 hours with no problem, which is very cool. So it’s not like I have to deal with all these woes very often.  But that’s about the only highlight for me. I really do wish I loved the cup though.

I started this as a draft two days ago and since then I’ve decided I’m just going to try a different cup. I really don’t want to go back to tampons that are an environmental mess and not to mention the chemicals. So trying a different cup seems like a solution to all my whining.  I’ve decided to go with a Meluna medium classic for my next go round and I’m hoping I’ll have a picture of that cup beside my bed soon lol. “Ohhh cup, how I love thee…” I really wanna join the I-love-my-cup-can’t-believe-I-ever-lived-without-it club!

If you’re a hopeful cup user or just looking for info on cups, this video is helpful. She has a TON of videos on a range of period related stuff too.