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Do you really need that new shirt?

Here is a video of the recycling portion of the thrift store where I work. There was about 500 bales in the warehouse at the time of the video. One bale of clothing weighs about 1000lbs on average. Some of the clothes in the bales have been sorted and others haven’t. Which means last season’s already out of style trendy top that was sent off to the thrift store could likely be in this pile.

You would think the majority of my clothing would be from the thrift store but sadly I figure only about a 1/3 of it is. I have a little bit of trouble finding things due to being an unfashionable size. And lately I’ve just slacked off on my thrifting. I do wear the heck out of my clothes however.

Anyways I leave you my completely unprofessional video to contemplate on your own. I had racked my brain on how to write this post. I thought of adding all kinds of facts about fast fashion and such, but I’m sure you’ve already read about that stuff. Here’s the clothes on their journey after they’re sold and then discarded.

If you know of or have written any articles pertaining to the topic of fast fashion and solutions for reusing clothes I’ll add links to my post if you put them in the comments.

Here’s Secondhandtales  post on why they shop secondhand.